Having played at numerous weddings, functions and events and showcasing a varied repertoire of modern classical, jazz, blues and popular piano music, Karina is qualified and ready to add a touch of musical goodness to your next event.

But who is she, really?

Relevant Facts

  • Karina was coerced into learning the piano from the age of 5 (a good parental decision).
  • She spent many years and countless hours cursing the complexities presented by pairing little black dots and lines with 88 black and white keys.
  • She gave thanks for her commitment to practice room loneliness, short fingernails, dingy exam rooms, competitive eisteddfods and the onset of eyesight degradation when she was accepted into the Queensland Conservatorium of Music.
  • She spent 4 years working towards and eventually gaining her ‘Bachelor of Music with Honours’ Certificate.
  • Since then Karina has had the priviledge of performing at many events in and around Brisbane.
  • Karina currently spends part of her time working at QPAC and enjoys the other parts of her work life playing piano…
  • …basically, she’s living the dream.

Irrelevant Facts

  • Karina likes yellow…a LOT.
  • She rides a bike with not 1, but 2, baskets.
  • The only bone Karina has ever broken is her collarbone…and apparently you don’t even need that bone so she’s not sure it counts.
  • Karina dreams of packing up and playing the piano throughout Italy…hire her today to help her live ‘la dolce vita’!


Still not convinced that Karina & the Keys is for you? Find out more information and specific pricing for your next event by filling out the contact form or calling 0400 944 907 (see the Contact Page for work hours).